9U Team Rankings Week 2 2016 Season


9u Team Rankings Week 2 May 4, 2016

9UOverall RecordOrganizationTotal Points Accumulated
112-5Quad City Hitmen 9u Premier67
26-1Central Illinois Swing35
35-3Quad City Hitmen 9u Elite31
44-1Upper Deck Cougars 9U26
56-2Kewanee A’s26
73-1CDBL Rockets24
83-0Rebels Red20
94-4Team Illini 9U*17
102-0Wasco Warriors*17
Honorable Mentions: Warriors(14) Wasco Wildcats(9)
Disclaimer: Team Rankings are FINAL once they have been released to the public. If you have any questions on how the points where tallied for each team, please visit the link below for more information. The USSSA State Office will not take calls on the Final Team Rankings once they are released. Thank you for your understanding and Good Luck the rest of your season.
* Denotes teams that were not ranked the previous week.